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Self Motivation: You’re Never Going To Initially “Feel” Like it

You’re Never Going To Initially “Feel” Like it. Have you ever made a pledge to change a habit?

Making it to an early gym class. Communicating better during a heated conversation with your partner. Having the hard conversation.

We have the knowledge in our brains that tells us what to do, but do you have the internal tools to act on it?

  1. 1. Understand yourself. What are your values? Your values and goals need to align for sustainable action that results in change.

  2. 2. Pay attention to instincts and urges. Be mindful of them. Try to act on them in the first 5 seconds before your brain throws itself into protection mode.

  3. 3. Know that insecurities will never leave you. The first step is getting rid of shame that surrounds it and locks you into

3. True behavior change is about identity change. Who do you see yourself as? Who do you want to be?

4. Master delayed gratification. Find ways to honor the process not just the result. We have a huge bias towards the present; our brains are wired this way. Watch the video below for more info.

Do you have the ability to focus on what matters? Do you have control over your actions and thoughts?

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