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AN OPEN letter to anyone thinking, “that was a waste of time.”

There’s nothing more precious than time.

We’re granted a finite amount of days with the slogan ‘make them count’ echoed for as far back as we can remember.

There have been many times in my own life where I’ve been disappointed about something promising turned out to be “a waste.”

It’s only now as I connect the dots in my own life and dig deeper with my clients that I realize every moment counts. However, it’s not always clear to us how– especially in the age of instant gratification- it’s easy to get bogged down by perceived past failures, shortcomings, and “wasted time”. If only we had the psychic abilities to remind us why that experience will matter in the future to stop beating ourselves up.

Reflection Questions to remember every experience you have has value, no matter how tiny:


  1. Who did you meet?

  2. What did those people teach you about: yourself, others, your area of interest, values, the world?

  3. What skills were acquired?

  4. What experiences did this give you?

  5. Was there an accomplishment or small success experienced?

  6. What resources, tools, services were utilized?

  7. What parts of yourself were brought out in this experience?

  8. Was there any lessons learned?

  9. Who have you connected with because you both had this similar experience?


I thought that sharing some of these stories may inspire someone else to reconsider their “wasteful” decisions (aka majoring in Russian Literature like the girl in the second video) and trust that it has or will serve you in some way.

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