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Is the pandemic impacting your relationship?

Social Distancing is having an impact on relationships all over the world in many ways.

Expectations, roles, communication, careers, parenting, date nights, intimacy, and so many other aspects of our romantic relationships may be challenged and require adaptability.

Use this as a moment to reflect:

how have I adapted to my current circumstances with my partner or as a single individual?

How have I been challenged?

What needs to be different to handle the circumstances in a functional way?

How has this circumstance impacted how I view my relationship overall?

This post is to clarify and normalize the struggle you may be facing in your relationship: you’re not alone. It’s not just an economic and geographical shift that we’re experiencing.

It’s the evolution of our lives as we adapt to a new lifestyle indoors while experiencing prolonged periods of stress and societal trauma.

What resources can you tap into to help navigate this?

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