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I Tried Light Therapy For the First Time & Here’s What Happened

Since self care is so important, I figured I’d share a way that I’m paying attention to my body and making sure I’m staying on top of my own health and wellbeing during quarantine!

With the increase of time inside, I started noticing very real shifts in my body (feeling sluggish and started craving things consistently that give me more energy that aren’t necessarily healthy for me (excess sugary snacks and drinks). The next day, I went outside for an hour first thing in the morning and my mood COMPLETELY shifted. I knew that the lack of vitamin D and sun exposure was throwing off my circadian rhythm and my mood big time.

I hear a lot about “light therapy”, so I knew it was something I wanted to try asap. I went on amazon and bought “a happy light” to put on my desk and use while I work inside. (Mine is pictured below!)

After a few days, I noticed a big shift. It’s helped keep me alert, present, and energized, plus gives me good lighting for video conferences😂 I highly recommend getting a bright light if you’re spending consecutive hours working or staying indoors without proper sun exposure and notice that it’s impacting you physically or mentally.

Gentle reminder that we all have to listen to what our bodies are trying to tell us to heal and take care of ourselves!

The specific one I bought was the one below, but light therapy boxes comes in multiple sizes and brands.

What is light therapy and how does it work?

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