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How To Establish Boundaries With Your Social Media Accounts

  1. Give yourself permission to spring clean your following list & have access to things that will not harm your mental health.

  2. Mindfully decide whether or not to show your read receipts. Then, examine why you made that decision. This is a personal preference. Some people like to have the read receipts on for accountability purposes and as a form of transparency, while others experience pressure to respond right away, even if they are busy with other things. This will help determine if the boundary is self preserving (helping reduce anxiety) vs harmful (a way to isolate from your social circle).

  3. Examine the purpose of your social media usage. Are you using it the way you’re intending too? (ex: purpose- engaging with friends and family.) Are you overextending your stay online in a way that’s no longer serving you? (looking at your ex’s profile or finding yourself 3 years deep into the history of someone from high school you no longer speak too?) Hey, no judgement.

  4. Examine the content you’re sharing. What is the purpose of what you’re sharing? Do you feel like what you’re sharing reflects your values and who you are? Do the people who have access to your posts deserve to see/learn this about you?

  5. Understand what the needs are that social media is filling for you. Are there other things that can fit this need to serve you better? (Painting, reading a book, exercising, etc.) If your sharing personal content about details in your life, are you seeking reassurance or connection? If you’re posting frequently, are you satisfying restlessness and boredom? Questions to ask yourself: is it healthy for me to meet these needs through social media?

  6. Reflect on what things you’re using social media to avoid. Keep this in your awareness when you’re establishing the boundaries!

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