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How Being Nice To Yourself Improves Your Health

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Most people want to be more confident, without realizing that self compassion is a critical part of confidence.

Self compassion is the foundation of the therapeutic work I practice with clients, because it’s essential to the healing process.

If you want change, you need accountability. If you want to cultivate accountability, self compassion is the most effective tool we can use to weather the ups & downs that comes with progress. Why?

Being hard on yourself might be “effective” but it’s not healthy or sustainable for your mental health. (Don’t get me wrong, sometimes your inner critic will jump in without permission. And it can be really hard to challenge it. That’s when you can acknowledge it’s there, and acknowledge the disappointment, rejection, or hurt you’re feeling and extend kindness to yourself.)

However, It’s possible to remain SELF COMPASSIONATE while staying accountable.

Benefits of Self Compassion Practices •Associated with psychological well-being & positive state of mind •Anxiety, depression, and stress go down •Happiness, life satisfaction, and optimism increases •Reduces anticipatory stress •Reduces self harm behaviors •Self compassionate people tend to connect easier to others with others and have clearer perspectives during difficult times •Linked to higher motivation for positive improvements •Associated with more positive relationships •Associated with a greater sense of accountability

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