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Research says that we can improve our ability to cope through actions big AND small

When the TV was invented, many people said it would never work because people didn't have enough time to sit in front of it; they were going to be too busy doing things with their hands.

Technology has evolved and our brains are not quite caught up.

  • Behavior is important for regulating emotions

  • Behavior is important for our mental health

Interesting research: When instant cake mix was first created, all people had to do was put it directly in the pan to bake. However, it didn't sell as much as the inventors were expecting. They realized that people would not have as much pride in the outcome as if they had baked the cake. To combat this, the inventors then released the cake mix we have today; where the mix requires an egg and water added. This lead to important discoveries about the relationship between human behavior and psychology.

Another research: doctors prescribed knitting for patients "overwritten with anxiety". The patients improved. Why? They realized serotonin activity increases when we are engaged in fixed, repetitive behavior.

Any healthy behaviors where we can see the result of our behavioral effort can impact our mental health.

  • Cerebellum: Regulates movement.

  • Motor-Cortex: Moves important muscles to do the action we need to do.

We can engage in smart behaviors to change our neurochemistry.

  • Decrease stress chemicals like cortisol.

  • Exercise is great for the brain and neuroplasticity

  • More complex connections develop with varied and novel experiences

  • These engaged people have higher stress tolerance

  • Enriched environments with engaged people creates more resilience within them


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