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“The Truth About Marriage” Sheds Light on the Mystery of Love, Relationships, and Marriage

Available now on Amazon prime, “The Truth About Marriage” has become my new favorite relationship documentary. I definitely recommend it to people who want to know more about love and committed relationships.

Key Points:

  1. It is not realistic to depend on your partner for your happiness. It is important for them to add to your happiness, but you have to be independently happy for a sustainable “happiness” in your relationship. Your happiness is your responsibility.

  2. Self awareness is the first step in navigating healthy relationships.

  3. Emotional stability is one of the most indicative personality characteristics in long term relationship success

  1. John Gottman comments about how we interact with one another in relationships determines relationship outcomes

  2. Relationship skills are essential.

  3. We need to own what we need and ask for it respectfully, rather than blame and criticize our partner for not meeting our needs.

  4. Committed relationships are a series of relationships.

  5. Sex is a way to maintain chemical bonding in a relationship.

  6. Honesty has to be buffered with sensitivity.

  7. The function of conflict is mutual understanding.

  8. Skill: Listening without defensiveness

These are just a few of my favorite lessons, be sure to check it out asap!

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