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Healthy Relationship Skills That We Love (Featuring Will + Jada Smith)

  1. 1. Prioritizing healthy individuality amongst commitment. 2. Jada and Will describe the unconditional love they feel for one another as unconditional acceptance, mutual respect, and commitment.

  2. 3. Set specific boundaries around arguing and conflict. (No profanities towards one another in conflict, watching their tone, no violence, no disrespect in public)

  3. 4. Took communication courses

  4. 5. Self Care and emotional fitness is a priority within the relationship.

  5. 6. Take accountability and responsibility for your emotions, actions, and part in the communication.

  6. 7. Make decisions based on what they need as individuals and as a couple instead of listening to what other people think or following guidelines for “how a marriage should be.”

  7. 8. Mastering the skills of validation, understanding, and empathy. 9. They redefined commitment and refer to each other as “life partners.” They built their relationship on the concept of lifelong support, adaptation, and individual growth experienced simultaneously.

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