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How Therapy Really Works

Why therapy?

There tends to be a lot of confusion around therapy. Some people think that when they seek therapy, they’ll get advice or a solution to their problems, when that’s not the case.

•In therapy, you ARE solving your own problems. Therapists are trained to ask questions that help you explore what YOU want; being the healthy soundboard that advocates the best for your wellbeing.

Therapists WILL:

• Encourage you to express your thoughts and feelings so you can understand them and navigate them in a healthy way

•Help you identify, validate, and sit with painful emotions that tend to be repressed, mismanaged, or avoided completely

•Encourage and help you establish healthy boundaries

•Help identify your needs and how you can have them met in a healthy way

•Challenge negative thought processes by exploring alternative, healthier perspectives

•Empower you to empower yourself

•Provide resources (worksheets, readings, educational content, and educate client(s) on mental health, communication, and other information related to the client’s goals

•Recommend clients for additional services to ensure effective care (psychiatrists, in-patient facilities, primary care physicians, nutritionists, wellness centers, support groups, legal services [divorce, custody matters], specialists, and other community resources to help client meet their goals

•Provide the nonjudgmental, safe space for you to let it all out

•Help you heal & reach your goals  

•Explore your actions and thoughts from a different perspective

•Help you learn coping skills to deal with symptoms

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