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Uncertainty about the commitment to your current partner? Watch below.

A few questions you should ask yourself during the decision process:

  1. how much of your unhappiness is directly contributed by your partner?

  2. how and what are we contributing to the relationship difficulties?

  3. what do you not fight about with your partner?

  4. What undesirable habits/characteristics have your ex partners had that your current partner does not?

  5. Reality question: are you okay with knowing happiness is not guaranteed in another situation or with another person?

As a therapist, it’s my job to ask people these questions as they navigate this process. Sone other questions I thought of as I watched the video:

  1. What are outside influences that are impacting your relationship satisfaction? Are these changeable?

  2. What are the situational stressors currently impacting your life? Are these temporary or a new norm?

  3. Are there any mental/physical struggles currently occurring with your partner that needs to be addressed or reassessed? (anxiety, depression, chronic illness, etc.)

  4. What are your dealbreakers?

  5. What are the values informing your decision?

  6. How long have you felt this way?

  7. If you woke up tomorrow and no longer wanted to leave, what would have changed for you to feel that way?

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