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Love in the Time of Coronavirus

This title has been on my mind for a while. It’s a play on the title of the novel Love in the Time of Cholera. I admit that I’ve never read the book, but I’ve seen the movie; but I really just love the title. It makes me think of what love is or could be, in the time of hardship. And right now, the whole world is reeling from the hardship called COVID-19.

​In the time of coronavirus, with social distancing, quarantine, etc., I keep thinking: how can we love ourselves and others well? Or, how can we receive and accept love during this time? I don’t have any deep wisdom to share, but I wonder if we can be kinder to ourselves. I wonder if we can be kinder to other people. I have seen videos of people fighting over toiler paper! TOILET PAPER! That’s not love, because hoarding something for yourself and not thinking of others isn’t loving. Let’s not hoard toilet paper.

​Love is patient. What can patience look like during time of social distancing? Perhaps we can extend grace to our family members, given that we are all forced to stay home now. Perhaps we can try to think of the fact that we are not all used to staying home at the same time anymore, with no place to go but our rooms, the kitchen, the bathroom, the basement, and did I mention the kitchen?

​Love is kind. It doesn’t cost much to be kind. I wonder what kindness could look like. Perhaps you can leave a nice comment on someone’s post on social media? Perhaps you can allow your sibling to use the bathroom before you. Perhaps it’s loading the dishes in the dishwasher (I prefer handwashing myself) so that your spouse doesn’t have to.

​Love is not jealous or boastful or proud or rude.

​Love is not irritable.

​Love is forgiving.

​Love is hopeful.

​The thing about love is that if we do not have it, we can’t give it out. So, how can we foster these qualities of love in ourselves, so that we can be filled enough to pour it out for others? Afterall, love considers others.

​So, how can I love in the time of Coronavirus? I certainly want to be patient, kind, forgiving, hopeful, both with and to myself and other. It may look different for each person, but it can be done. And in a time when we are all freaking out about our lives, our health, our bodies, and our future, we need a little bit more love to make it to the next moment.

​Moral of the story…? I guess, we all need a little love, and it can start with me! It can start with you. I want to spread love, not fear. Coronavirus will not last, but love will always win!

Contributed by Elizabeth Adewale, MFT

My name is Elizabeth Adewale, MFT. I am a child of God first! I love God! I currently work as an Outpatient Therapist for Justice Resource Institute in Salem, MA. I am interested in sex, sexuality, and helping people heal from their sexual hurts, in whatever shape that comes in. I also simply love helping people grow in who they are, while developing into who they want to be! I have hopes of getting my PhD in Human Sexuality, as well as becoming a Certified Sex Therapist! You can follow me on Instagram at @elizabethadewalemft

I love watching movies and I love acting! I love writing. And I love chocolate!

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