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  1. Unbalanced blood sugars

  2. When we are consuming sugary and processed foods, we run into the obstacle of balancing our blood sugars. Low blood sugars can lead to adrenaline surges which oftentimes mimics the experience of anxiety.

  3. Brain Inflammation

  4. Inflammation is theorized to be one of the main causes of issues with our mental health. If what we consume includes high inflammatory foods, or we do not obtain enough omega 3 (through supplements on a whole-food plant based diet), our bodies and our brains become inflamed.

  5. Nutrient Deficiencies

  6. As you can read in my ‘About Me’ page, I always stress that we are what we eat. If we are constantly inhaling poor quality foods, we become at risk for being deficient in those important nutrients. It has been studied that the deficiency in Omega 3, Vitamin B12, iron and folate cause symptoms of depression and anxiety.

  7. Oxidative Stress

  8. Here is another underlying cause that may be affecting your mental health. Oxidative stress is basically the “rusting” of the brain and body. We need to include antioxidants into our diets through fruits and vegetables to reduce the “rusting.”

  9. Poor Gut Health

  10. Good gut health= good mental health. It really is that simple! If we are eating unhealthy and supplying our bodies with a twisted balance of good and bad bacteria-> this is going to affect our mental health. Sure, eating a tub of ice cream might make you feel better in the moment, but the following consequences are what we should be concerned about.


I strive to find deep connections between our body mind and spirit. I believe in understanding what is going on internally to fully understand what’s going on externally.. I look to treat you ‘wholistically’ by capturing all possibilities that may be causing stress, anxiety, depression, etc. In order to fully integrate nutrition and mental health, I am currently in the process of getting certified in holistic nutrition. While working in West Chester, Pennsylvania, and practicing therapy online via teletherapy, I get to help my clients not only become the best versions of themselves, but also the healthiest versions as well. I am also currently accepting clients at the Philadelphia Integrative Psychiatry located in King of Prussia and Center City, Philadelphia. My goal is to improve family dynamics, address intrusive issues, thoughts, and aim to improve the relationship with yourself and/or others. My training allows me to assist my clients in grounding their innate ability to feel more in charge of their life. This is done by having the ability to identify and express one’s feelings, needs and desires.

Interested in learning more? Check out Leeor’s blog to read her latest posts! Also, if you’re interested in scheduling with her, click here!

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