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Therapy that fits your lifestyle

Online therapy helps everyone get access to a trained therapist, and it’s never been easier. 📍 Book a teletherapy appointment with me if you are located in NJ & looking for an accessible, trustworthy therapist.

Why has teletherapy become so popular & who is it useful for?

•access for people who’s work/home schedule may not align with typical therapy office hours •access to services for people who travel frequently for work •teletherapy is covered by most insurances

•depending on your plan, it could be the same exact pricing as if you went directly to the office •access for remote NJ clients who may not have a therapy office close or accessible •no cost for gas and no transportation time to get to a therapy session •it assures maximum privacy- “While this can certainly vary depending on geographical location and the diversity of clients seen by a therapist, teletherapy ensures maximal privacy every time.” No chance of bumping into others you may know in the waiting room, etc. •illness. People who experience sickness or chronic illness may be more likely to have to forgo therapy appointments even if they really need it. Teletherapy allows you to still see your therapist if you are not feeling well, without putting yourself or other clients at risk for also getting sick or overextending yourself with a visit out of the home •less waiting time for clients; online therapy offer more flexibility, potentially allowing clients faster access to services •access to therapy for parents and guardians who can’t attain a child sitter •access for college students who want a stable, long-term therapist •access for disabled populations •weather conditions will never be an issue

In order to qualify for teletherapy, a consultation must be completed with a therapist and approved that teletherapy is clinically appropriate.

*Disclaimer: There are also risks associated with teletherapy. Please ask your therapist what these risks are. I will also be posting about the risks associated with teletherapy soon!

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