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Does smell impact my relationship?

The short answer, yes. We have more olfactory receptors in our bodies than any other protein. Our body has the ability to chemically detect pheromones and sniff out complementary immune system‘s to our own. In fact, a woman’s sense of smell is heightened at the peak of fertility, at the time of ovulation.

In the YouTube video below, this woman reports that “biological scent is like a fingerprint… no two are the same. That’s why dogs can stiff something of yours and then find you, without confusing you with your neighbor.”

Also, certain smells of our partners can actually become integrated into emotional memories we have of them. Have you ever encountered an item that smells like your partner that triggers a pleasant feeling or wave of nostalgia?

Our sense of smell is incredibly powerful. It actually accesses our awareness directly through the limbic system; the ‘primitive” part of the brain. But how?

Watch to learn more about how scent works and how it impacts our minds, bodies, and relationships!

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